About us

Global Informer was created by Pablo Mastrangelo (based in São Paulo, Brazil) in 2010, first of all as a web blog to publish articles about international political affairs. In 2011 Global Informer moved to Facebook page in order to become more dynamic, joining  the new media networks possibilities.

This page has a purpose to post important information, such as text, pictures, videos, in several languages for any person, concerning the following topics: humans rights, child labour, crimes against democracy, political corruption, extremism religious, international trafic and crimes against animal life and nature.

10 Responses to About us

  1. SilverMoon58 says:

    Excellent writing ツ

  2. Pablo says:

    Thank you for the comment and your visit. Welcome and feel free to tell opinions and ideas.

  3. William K Pixley says:

    Mr Mastrangelo.
    I own a new media company- http://www.yornet.net, and I would like to develop a relationship with you to explore how we might work together. Please email me back and I will fill you in further on my ideas. Thanks for what you do.


    Bill Pixley

  4. Love your Ride Your Bike photo that’s on The Real Art of Protest facebook page

  5. shams says:

    Thanks for creating such a beautiful page!

  6. P.Bauza says:

    would like to contact you. thanks for your reply.


  7. Keep up the great work! I have recently created a website and Facebook page myself with similar intentions, so empathise with where you are coming from, and i have shared some of your inspirational posts on my own Facebook page.Together, the multitude of people across the world hoping to shape a better world can turn the tide against the rich and powerful elite and begin to make a difference.

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