Scientists believe that they may have discovered the first signs of ancient alien life on Mars

Nasa´s spirit Mars Rover found mysterious growths on Mars that could be the biggest Discovery in Science. Cauliflower shaped minerals could point to ancient alien life.  4 billion years ago Mars looked a lot like Earth today, it was a warm, wet world with possible conditions to spawn life.


If life existed, then there should be fossilized somewhere on Mars, and a team of scientists think they have found it. Peculiar shaped minerals made of Silica in Gusev crater could be the key. The mineral were discoverd by Nasa´s Spirit Rover in 2006. And they look a lot like features formed here on Earth.

In a region of Atacama Desert called El Tatio, the team discoverd Silica deposits like those on Mars. They suspect these features were formed by microbial life. The Atacama desert has similar soil and environment to Mars.

If the team is right about the minerals on Earth, they´ll have a Strong case for what formed the growths on Mars. But right now their hypothesis is based on photographic evidence. Ultimately they´ll need a chem lab to test for biosignatures which will take years. The next Rover isn´t scheduled to launch until 2020 and Nasa is still debating the landing site.


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