What If Joe Biden Had Run last election?

What might have happened had tragedy not stuck Biden´s Family when his oldest son died of Brain Câncer at just 46 years old?


As a Vice President, Biden´s spoke at National Democratic Convention night endorsing Hillary Clinton. His speech was about Clinton´s commitment to helping struggling families.

However, he has been considering a third and final run to the White House. And many Democrats even those who eventually suported Clinton, thought Biden´s ability to connect with Middle Class voters. After Beau´s death, the Vice President had a big doubt, what he should, run or not run, during a crucial moment when the campaign was taking shape.

It must be said, Biden would have been qualified for the job, like Clinton, presenting some advantages, he could really connect with Working Class voters. At that moment Democrats had access to a poll saying nearly 70% of voters, don´t find Hillary honest and trustworthy. Biden said he´d continue fighting for giving Middle Class a chance, providing free access to public education and tax credits for child care.

One thing we really know, 3 democrat candidates, Sanders, Clinton and Biden wound´t be possible. Obama suport must be a choice between Biden or Clinton and we know how powerful her last name is.



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