Famous people can have some pretty big secrets. Not a lot of people or media outlets have a connection with stars’ personal life, so it’s not surprising to have information come out about them that we never knew from time to time. …But being connected to the Mafia? People like Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe? Say it ain’t so!

Marilyn Monroe

Allegedly, Marilyn spent her last day alive with a gangster named Sam Giancana in Cali. That night he apparently told her not to go public with her JFK affair, and the next day she was found dead from her apparent suicide.


Frank Sinatra

Babe Garavante, Frank’s uncle, was part of the Morettis. He was even convicted of murder back in 1921.


Joe Namath

Known by his nickname “Broadway Joe” in his NFL days, Joe Namath was connected to both the Gambinos and the Luccheses through his Upper East Side bar, Bachelors III.


Jerry Orbach

The deceased Law & Order star was tied to the Colombos back in his day. He was even an eyewitness in the murder of “Crazy Joe” Gallo, and he refused to cooperate with the police. Interesting.


Elizabeth Hurley

Apparently this British bombshell is connected to the Colombos. She is said to be linked to Colombo Capo Donnie Montemarono, who was in a serious FBI investigation that involved fixing UCLA football games.





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