Mother Gorilla’s Baby Died And What She Did Next Made Me Cry…

This is the story of a Mother Gorilla named Shira who lost her baby and still tries to wake her up. She is not ready to accept her baby’s death. The gorilla mother couldn’t bear to be separated from her baby even after a week it died. A Few years ago, her son Tondu died at the age of six months after catching a viral infection. And, now she lost her one-week-old daughter at Frankfurt Zoo.

1. Mother Shira with her baby


2. The ten year old gorilla walking desperately out of her cage at Frankfurt Zoo in Germany.


3. She tragically lost her week old baby


4. It’s awful! To see any mother losing her baby5n8bwc6u

5. She is not ready to accept this and even trying to wake her baby up. But later she realized that her baby has died.  Zoo keepers were able to retrieve the body.







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