IRAN spreading it´s political power while Trump makes threats


Students walk past a Shiite school run by the Islamic Movement in Kano, Nigeria, on Saturday, Feb. 11. The image of Imam Hussein, who is revered by Shiites, can be seen on the facade of the building.
Photographer: Donna Abu-Nasr/Bloomberg.

The first Trump effects around the political scenario in Middle East is very clear now: Iran is spreading it´s leadership among the Islamic african countries, such as Nigeria, alarming the Saudi Arabia, just because Nigeria is Africa´s most populous nation, also a huge oil producer, but it´s a majority sunnis muslim territory and this explains how and why Iran, a shiite islamic superpower is working hard to expand it´s political reach.

Iran has been able to increase it´s influence among the islamic nations regardles of the Economic sanctions that excluded the country from the Oil market. The advanced of iranian government is happening in Zaria,  north of Nigeria, a place where Iran is building religious networks, a big potential for a sectarian Shiite-Sunni conflict.

The Obama Administration trademark was bringing back the Iranian government to US influence by a landmark accord over it´s Nuclear Program, after the election of new President Hassan Rohani. Despite the Israeli interferences against the accord and speacilly the Ayatollah Khamenei opposition, Rohani and the west hold the hands, expressing good intentions to keep relations.

Meanwhile in Nigeria, iranians are getting important victories, converting sunni muslims that don´t have any problem to defend their new side and show loyalty to iranian supreme leader against the Trump administration, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The Middle East conflict between Iran and Saudis has been aroused by new US goverment, when they cut the good conversations that Barack Obama had devoloped for years. If previous american goverment just tried to be in peace with Iran but not cutting the ties with Saudis, Trump and his staff seems to have chosen one side: Israel and Saudi Arabia. Perhaps not a good choice, the iranian also had Putin as a “friend”.




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