The facebook offensive against Independent Pages

“Last 6 months Independent Pages are declining. It´s a coincidence or not, Facebook implemented a new algorithm, according to the site , would improve the NewsFeed users, meantime some bloggers reported an offensive against “Memes”, the site is penalizing “crap posts”, is what they said, consequently pages that share memes would have post restriction.

Frankly nobody believed in that story, many pages were targeted, these pages used to have a focus on political pictures, and a opposite speech against the Big Media and the relation between Government and corporations. Facebook works to benefit mainstream media and huge pages with big potential to monetize”.

“We are able to reach only 2% of total followers, a small fraction, months ago this fraction used to be 16%. Now Facebook it´s only about money and profits. This site gave us the power of global communication, and it seems Mark Zuckenberg is sorry about what he created.”

The fragments above is part of a interview by Al Rasub News web site from Abu Dhabi

Check it out


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