Mali, new french colonialism journey

Mali, an area rich in uraniun
Mali, an area rich in uraniun
Mali, the war for uranium, the new background of French military intervention in Africa in the  world’s most important reserves of uranium, as well as oil and gas. The Italy has announced it will give its support. Meanwhile, the blitz for the release of the hostages in Algeria (captured by Islamic guerrillas in retaliation against the war) causes a massacre January 18, 2013 Francois Hollande, Secretary of the French Socialist Party, is the current President of the Republic in a nation that counts on nuclear energy and that is obviously dependent on uranium. In France are active in fact 19 nuclear power plants, for a total of 58 reactors. To them must be added the nuclear reactors that propel submarines and aircraft carriers in the fleet. Uranium is also the basis of nuclear warheads that didn’t mean forgoing Hollande

The French Government is involved in these days of a military intervention in Mali, justified by the fight against “Islamic fundamentalism”. The problem for Hollande is that these fundamentalists are going to check an area rich in uranium.

The journalist Ennio Remondino explains that the international military force would “face the qaedisti and avoid their being rooted in the North”. And Mali has considerable deposits of uranium in the North.

This neo-colonial war misses however left-wing opposition, indeed. A survey reveals that is approved by 68 percent of those of the leftist Coalition Front de gauche captained by Melenchon (which merely say that the surgery is “moot”). The 77% of French Socialists argue the military intervention. And in Italy there is support-Government-decided resigning-without any comment entry you stand, at least for now.

The French intervention has already generated a dramatic event that caused the January 17 abduction of yesterday’s mass of hundreds of people–including some 40 foreigners and Westerners–who worked at the site of Algerian gas In Amenas at the hands of a group of Islamic fighters. The action was a clear retaliation against French intervention in Mali. Followed the intervention of the Algerian army for the liberation of the hostages. It was a bloodbath.


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