Reflections: The Chinese Famine

The China of Mao Tse Tung, produced one of the greatest catastrophes of humanity. In 1958, by order of Mao, the rural population was incorporated into the People’s Communes controlled by the government. Agricultural production was totally confiscated, being stored, but ended up rotting.

Family life was eliminated. The Chinese policy wished to extinguish the Chinese citizen, converts it into a cell’s state. From cutlery to eat, hoes and other objects were confiscated, preventing peasants to work or eat in their homes. Everyone were forced to eat in canteens provided by the government.

Sell Food was forbidden. Women prostituted themselves in exchange for rice. Tombs were violated so that the newly buried corpses serve as food – canibalism to win the starvation. In 1959, party officials warned Mao Tse Tung on the catastrophe of hunger – his response was that the model should be further deepened.

When government monopolizes the production and livelihood resources, people can not save themselves. Yang writes, he saw his father succumb to China’s Great Hunger.

Source: Book “The great Chinese Famine” – Yang Jim Sheng


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