Ivory Coast / Liberia: children join their family

Alphonse is a refugee who is back home from Ivory Coast. He became a Red Cross volunteer and service work in search of the Red Cross refugee camp in Bahn which facilitates phone calls of re
fugees to their families, collects messages Red Cross and the ICRC to help register children. Alphonse has the great advantage of speaking the local language and can act as interpreter between ICRC staff and refugees who do not speak French or English.

Liberia still hosts some 100,000 refugees from Ivory Coast who fled the violence after the elections in December 2010. As the situation in this country will stabilize, people will gradually returning to their homes. The ICRC communication delegate, Noora Kero, traveled from Liberia to Ivory Coast with seven refugee children who were on their way to reunion with their families. Children separated from their parents when they fled to Liberia. The ICRC and the Liberian registered almost 600 children and young people, seeking the whereabouts of their relatives in the Ivory Coast. Now, they are being brought back home. Our photo diary follows the exciting journey of Mohammed Celestine and a Liberian refugee camp to their village in Ivory Coast.

Bahn refugee camp, southeast of Liberia. December 14, 2011. Is one of Timo Luege ICRC delegates that records in the field, children who are separated from their parents.


Mohammed is standing beside the person who took care of the field, looking confused. As Henriette originally comes from another village in the Ivory Coast, she may never see “their” children again.

Source: International Comitte Red Cross – http://www.icrc.org



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