Vinyl covers, nostalgia in the age of Iphones.

Muse cover album, Absolution.

No doubt, music in this century is so different than in the past. The way we listen to music is completely distint, not the music, but our behavior. Music is always music,  social or political circunstances moved the spirit of music for many directions, however the way people listen the music for decades was the same – vinyl records, a victrola or via the radio.

Music for all, not only individually by mobile phones. The habit of going to the music stores for finding out something new or rare between the records shelves disappeared. And also the music quality – the basses and treble tons were sacrificed by digital music. When google or internet doesn´t exist, the cover records looks like the first motivation to listen some uncommon musical group. Some bands had anthological cover artworks, like Velvet Underground and their Warhol banana, or Beatles (Sergent Pepper…), Nirvana (nevermind), the heavy metal  illustrations (Iron Maiden), etc.



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