The struggle for Independence – India.

Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru confer at a meeting of the Congress Party – 1946. UPI Osborne and Cotler, p. 95
Gandhi on the 5th day of his fast to compel the Indians
to cease the Hindu-Muslim violence against each other – January 17, 1948
Wide World. Osborne and Cotler, p. 96
Hindu women keeping vigil beside the body of Gandhi
Henry Cartier-Bresson from Magnum Osborne and Cotler, p. 99


Vultures and dead victims of religious rioting – August 1946
The rioting occurred when Ali Jinnah of the Muslim League called on his people
to demonstrate against Hindu-dominated Indian Congress Party of Gandhi and Nehru Wide World. Osborne and Cotler, p. 77


Muslim refugees passing a shallow grave of victims of an attack by Sikhs
Margaret Bourke-White for Life. Osborne and Cotler, p. 97


The funeral procession carrying Gandhi’s body to the Jumna river where it is to be cremated. Henry Cartier-Bresson, Osborne and Cotler, p. 101


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