Facebook now is only available for cute pictures

This kind of truth World really distub some kind of users.


4 thoughts on “Facebook now is only available for cute pictures

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    1. Well, you dont know the process, a picture is reported by a user, automatically the system deleted and block the page admin, for 7, 20, 31 days.

      That´s the proof.

      1. And it’s not only happening to admins of pages… It’s happening to user’s profiles. Along with a slew of other things such as getting “warning messages” when posting comments, “likes” disappearing, home page options (“Find Friends” and “Ask Question”) vanishing… It has happened to myself, personally. Those types of things are not from other users reporting things, and must be coming straight from fedbook >:/

    2. If more proof were needed the pictures would still be there on FB. All it takes is some whiny little punk to flag it because (I don’t wanna see the truth, its upsetting me) their comfort zone is more important than the truth.

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