The Black president (By Monteiro Lobato) – blame Brazil.

Published in 1926 with a diferent title “O Choque” (english The Shock) brazilian writer Monteiro Lobato, renamed the book later “The black president”. A novel acclimated in US territory, although Lobato have not yet visited America; addresses topics such as segregation between blacks and whites, acculturation, feminism and even prophesies the emergence of a network in which people would communicate and would work at a distance.

Cover book

Indeed, Lobato was a futurist visionary, in Brazil for example he was the first one to mention the how importance oil would have for economy, while the coffee maintaining the strength of rural aristocracies.

Don´t like Obama, blame Brazil.

More coincidences about Brazil and the first black american president – I´ve just read an information (cannot confirm) that Obama´s mother some day went to the movies for watching the french italy braziliam movie production “Black Orpheo”, 1959 directed by Marcel Camus, with soundtrack by Tom Jobim, based upon the play written by Vinicius de Moraes (also inspired by greek mithology stories).

Well, Obama´s mother just adored the movie acclimated in Rio de Janeiro favelas, telling a love story with a tragical end. Basically the movie just inspired Obama´s mother to have in the future a relationship with the kenian Obama´s father. So, what a world.

Nowadays, Monteiro Lobato is being judged by a court accusated of racist therms. His most famous novel were books for children such as “Sítio do Pica-pau amarelo”. Being or not racist, that is a long debated, involving cultural circunstances, Lobato was a pioneer.

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