Israel – Palestine struggle for peace ??

A part of rather young and determined jews sailing to British-held Palestine to start a new life there. I.F. Stone Botting, p. 94.

3 million Jews survived the War — out of the original 10 million of Europe’s original population.  To many — if not most — Jews, an independent Jewish state in Palestine seemed to be the only guarantee that this would never happen again to their people.

A british soldier at the Haifa docks guarding jews barred from entering Palestine – UPI Botting, p. 97.

Fearing a massive rebellion from the Arab Palestinians who were irate at the post-War flood of immigrants into their land, the British began to seriously enforce an immigration restriction: only 1500 Jews per month.  The huge additional flow of Jews that arrived were at first sent to Cyprus to await their place in the quota — a process that promised to be years in the making.  Soon overwhelmed in Cyprus, the British took to returning the Jews to Europe.

Source: kings Academy –


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