Sino Japanese War – Asian Holocaust

Chinese prisoners being buried alive.

Two Japanese officers, Toshiaki Mukai and Tsuyoshi Noda competing to see who could kill (with a sword) one hundred people first. The bold headline reads, “‘Incredible Record’ (in the Contest To Cut Down 100 People—Mukai 106 – 105 Noda—Both 2nd Lieutenants Go Into Extra Innings”.

An Australian POW captured in New Guinea, Sgt. Leonard Siffleet, about to be beheaded by the Japanese with a shin guntō sword, 1943.


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One Response to Sino Japanese War – Asian Holocaust

  1. Don says:

    You know if you’re going to start talking about what the Japanese did during World War Two you really need to get into the meat of the thing and talk about things like Unit 731, what they did in China, and the reason why the Japanese war criminals walked when compared to their German counterparts.

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