Paris 1944 – world war II

FRANCE. Paris. Rue de Constantine. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A tank of the French 2nd Armored Division fighting near the Invalides during liberation of Paris. 1944. The liberation of Paris was arguably a watershed event of World War II. Just as the fall of Paris had shocked the world, the liberation of Paris symbolized as no other event that Hitler had lost the War and it was now just a matter of time before the Allies would reach Berlin. For one bright shining day, the emotions of the Allies and especially the French bubbled over like an uncorked bottle of champagne. Thus the liberation of Paris surpassed all the other great milestones in the relentless Allied move toward the Rhine. Robert Capa followed the push into Paris of General Leclerc’s French 2nd Armoured Division. Capa recorded the delight of the Parisians at their liberation and the street fighting that occurred as pockets of German resistance were cleared with the help of the FFI. Magnum Photos. © Robert Capa

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