First Year. Global Informer birthday.

Today is exactly one year the first user clicked the like button, so is the first day or anniversary on this page. However, long before Facebook or blogs, people used to create publications that were called “zines,” or magazines made manually using copy machines to create pages. Then with the popularization of the graphics this work became easier. The pages were created at home with inkjet printers.

Global Informer began in the late ’90s, as a magazine made by hand and printed at home, with topics ranging from art history, sociology, contemporary art, illustrations, cartuns and politics. It was called “O informante”, translating into English “The Informer”.

first cover illustrationOn the cover this old figure rescued, was a drawing of a man being hanged by the system he had denounced. The magazine had only 50 copies distributed free in a university in São Paulo – Brazil. Then 5 other editions were printed. In 2003 the content was posted in the form of blogs with the english name – Global Informer. This phase lasted 18 months, due to lack of time and visitations my group ceased the posts and then the blog was deleted.

I redeemed the name in 2011 in January, while the manifestations took place in Tunisia and Egypt. I never imagined what could be and how much it meant the power of social networks. It took several weeks to appear the first “fans” and a few more months so I could understand the mechanism. Prior to that had worked with marketing and advertising. I studied design and illustration, also I  knew the old media publications and not much about digital media. Step by step, I found the  most appropriated audience  through Facebook.

Wished to have about 150 users on the page, but rather to that, the page today surpassed 8,000 people, with 40.000 monthly actively users and about 150 new users per day click the like button. Extraordinary numbers far beyond what could have imagined to reach, very far distant from those 50 copies printed and distributed hands in hands.

What I can say is thank the first user and then all the others since the beginning, especially those who contribute with comments and posts pictures. It was for this reason  the “wall page” is free for everyone to contribute, that was the idea. And even with some mistakes made over time, it was a good job. Thank you guys, boys and girls, contributors from friend pages, anonymous and Et´s, maybe 😉

About the authorAbout the author – 32 years, studied communications and Arts, human Ciencies. Has worked on some advertising agencies, audiovisual production offices. In free time makes video art when he feels inspired. Met some countries, but often gets lost in the Martian deserts. Reader of literature, theater and international cinema . And foreign language student. Dropped out of therapy and was doing theater as an experiment. Suffering from insomnia, taking pills to sleep eventually. Enjoys running, skating, playing the guitar and martial arts.




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