Jesus was the first revolutionary? From historical character to the mystical mythology.

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After Christmas, the world’s Christians turn to the last week of the year. Christ was forgotten between fever of consumption and the global crisis. It seems that the Santa Claus, the old pagan symbol  is stronger than the sacred icon of the world’s largest religion, Christianity. In a scenario of crisis and social uprisings against a financial system and conspiracy, the life of Jesus the man, not the sacred, in a region occupied by Rome and its army, one might think that the man of the cross and the miracles described in parables Bible was the first truly revolutionary who fought against repressive forces of imperial history. Here are some facts that modern archeology and history found in the last 150 years.

The Palestine of Jesus

The region that today is always a barrel of gunpowder ready to explode, that ever came out of the news and continues to be the pretext for military action both in the West, also for the terrorists, two thousand years ago was a city taken by Greeks, Jews, Romans and foreigners who were part of the army of Rome. So it was kind of an ancient metropolis with a population proportion smaller than the current cities, however, there was a blending or mixing a cultural and ideological. Jesus probably lived this background and all that followed his pilgrimage. This explains how it was possible that the Apostles could the sequence of years after Jesus’ death and evangelize or advertise so many people in various parts of the world.

The four Gospels and the Apocrypha.

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The gospels that were accepted by the Church since the Council of Nicea, John, Mark, Matthew and Luke are making up the New Testament of the Christian Bilbi therefore are considered official, being the most journalistic of John, who served as a propagator of the message, tone was more descriptive as a news story. The others have more theological or philosophical content and exploit the image of Jesus as a mystic.

John in his gospel sought to conquer the Romans, so the nature of the text more informative and less ideological. However, all these Gospels may have been written not by one person but by several people of certain communities in the decades following the death of Jesus and were signed under the name of John, Mark, Matthew and Luke.

The Apocryphal Gospels are ignored from a Catholic Christian church organized in the mid-fourth century, and were hidden by the Middle Ages, only being taken up and studied in the nineteenth century. They are part of the Gospel of Thomas, Judas and Mary Magdalene. In these documents discovered in the last 150 years appears common, everyday life of Jesus, his relationship with women and a possible intimacy with Mary Magdalene, supposedly without confirmation, was not a prostitute as was sealed forever.

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Are these gospels that were hidden the image of Jesus as a social agitator against the invaders. Some historians have traced the image of Jesus does not like the mystic, but as a revolutionary. The reason it has been transformed into a sacred icon came after his death, through the four main Gospels of John, Mark, Matthew and Luke.

 You should think about the fact that Jerusalem was burned in the first century AD, because Jesus died between the years 29 and 30, and the fire, caused by Rome to contain social protest probably happened between the years 60 and 70 . Many manuscripts were destroyed, which makes it impossible to rebuild the historical image of Jesus.

Without this historical material was left to his disciples, both those who lived with Jesus himself, as to those who heard him only indirectly in the following decades and that no historical evidence focused on the stories and reports of miracles, building the image of Christ (from Greek , the messiah, or that which is illuminated).

The historical Jesus.

Retrospect, the events around Jesus, a man born in a small region that prompted people to question the local politics and at the same time preached disobedience against the invaders, for Rome. Palestine was a small region of little relevance to Rome an empire that covered almost 70% of Western Europe, plus North Africa.


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This means that the rumors that Jesus had managed to persuade the population against Rome was not as strong and eloquent, but just in the decades following those apostles who remained with the task of spreading the message in a way they did to create the image of sacred Christ and not to change the Jewish religion, on the contrary create a new religion. The experts did not confirm whether it was Jesus who so planned the birth of a new religion and liturgy or was Peter, and then Mark (the disciple of Peter) who decided on their own with a new religious order, ruptured with Judaism.

There are historians and archaeologists argue, without much evidence that Jesus was a Jew, who lived as a Jew and wanted a reform of Judaism, which therefore makes us think that Jesus was a reformer, as was also thought in Islam, in which Jesus is regarded as a prophet who came to modify and reform the thought of that moment, and not the mystic God incarnate on earth.

All these questions have been increased with recent discoveries of texts attributed to the years 200 and 300 AD. The more we found, more doubts were raised about the main issues that the world has erupted, the actual existence of Jesus. It remains the last and ask the experts in the main game that combines faith and official history. Two worlds collide and affect over a billion people on the planet and motivate wars and conspiracies, especially, lead an entire civilization, the moral principles to existential yearnings. For those who believe no matter the historical character, faith is hardly shaken by science.


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