Facebook and its dubious repressive political to users.

For the second time in less than 10 days Global Informer page on Facebook is blocked, not just the corporate page, but also the individual profile. According to the message that the system itself provides, blocking occurs because the display of material deemed inappropriate. When this happens the Facebook applies a punishment and keeps the site actions blocked. The judging is done from moral values ​​that apply to Facebook users as it were a court, forget the facebook about the social and cultural criteria, acts without leaving a doubt whether the fact really happens by use of inappropriate images or simply is applied censure against information that is contrary to the interests of facebook, with regard to the connection of facebook with companies and corporations.

The first time the image that led to the blockade was a scene of execution probably in some Asian country, the scene had great visual impact, and the exhibition was to expose the nature of a common situation in countries where the death penalty and execution is a daily practice in which defendants often fail to expose their defenses.

A second photo blocked, just today the 11th of December, is an image showing the indigenous native children swimming in the Amazon river. The image was seen by several people who did not mention any discomfort except one person who objected to the picture.

Both images are blocked by facebook for violating the terms of use of the site, yet is a question: why facebook pages block users who denounce corporations and has a tendency anarchist? We entered the same situation as a site much more global and famous have suffered – Wikileaks.

Wikileaks has suffered reprisals from banks, credit card operators, which prevent the site to receive donations, and the founder have been prosecuted in the suspected source. The U.S. mainstream media, that obscured the same occupations on Wall Street exploited the image of Assange cast as the villain. To counter, elected in 2010 Mark Zuckerberg as a man of the year by TIME magazine.

Another aspect is about the fact that by facebook requires the account number of mobile users to determine if it is true or if a user is a spammer. What is the guarantee that confidential data is not given to companies that sponsor by facebook through online advertising and generate billions of profits to the owners of social networking.

If facebook can prove that only blocks information by questions of a sexual nature such as child pornography, it would be great, but by facebook will need to further enhance the sense of their cultural system. Human nature is complex, different cultures have different views of what it is the nude. The ukranian group FEMEN has protested in an unusual manner in Europe, girls show their breasts in the streets as part of performances to draw attention of prostitution from Eastern Europe. The group’s website has been the subject of Facebook, because the system considers the breasts to show something pornographic.

What do you do with works painted in the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, the great painters of the Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical who painted so many scantily clad women and now the paintings are in major museums around the world and visited by millions of people? We must consider if it should be covered with cloths and black bars to hide the nakedness of sin. The Facebook is becoming a new inquisition, based on archaic principles that do not correspond to the twenty-first century, and not even has to do with the attitude of freedom of expression, respect the different cultures that says owning the site.


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  1. i would like to translate the article in greek if possible since i have a lot of riends that they don’t speak english and i would like them to read it, waiting your permission
    in solidarity

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