The resumption of the Cold War, new century, old news.

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Russia has shown a greater willingness to bear on the international scene with great voracity, over the last two decades after the Soviet Union. Putin the main leader, in power since Boris Yeltsin, most not apparent to the possibility of being allied with the U.S. and want the power in his country, and increase its influence. The old russian dream of dominating Eurasia returns, and Iran seems to be the perfect reason for a new chapter of the former Cold War. Those who follow international relations over the past two years were not surprised by the attacks of the pro-Russian media in Asia against the U.S. and Europe. The time is right, Europe weakened by the financial crisis and Israel weaving threats against Iran, after the weakening of Jewish oligarchs in America. Welcome to the New Cold War.

News about Russian weapons tests, new bombs and airplanes trying to compete with U.S. investments in hypersonic aviation and the famous missile shield, a project of the Pentagon at the time of Bush / Cheney had been kept by Obama are facts that appear in the media world while Israel accuses Iran and begins storming the country of the ayatollahs. Putin has worked to stay in power without looking like a dictator, supported the election of Medvedev and then launched himself as a candidate of the party. Using the state machine to control the population, something peculiar in many other countries, his election was regarded as successful, but lacked popular contamination popular against the frauds in parliament election this week.

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However, Putin still looks calm, with that cold emotionless facial countenance, pragmatic and determined to unlimited power. Russians have attacked with words the NATO actions in Libya since the start of operations against the forces of Muammar Qadaffi, and for years tried to defend the Iranian interests about the use of nuclear energy, in a less explicit speach, always avoiding losing control of the region that was taken by U.S. companies,  close links with the policy of the Bush and Republican Party, in the region of  Afghanistan, Pakistão, Iraq, Asia’s central location with plenty of oil and minerals.

Just the year 2011 marks the end of the theorical truce. Libya, Iran and Syria to help end the political friendships and start a new arms race and also space. And when Israel threatens to attack Iran (even rhetorically), the Russian media through its governing state support to the Iranians and extend the strong allegiance to another country in Asia, China.

The similarities to the early decades of the twentieth century, as financial crises and rising unemployment in Europe and U.S. help us to think that history actually lives predestined to repeat cycles. In the 30’s protests on Wall Street complained of bankers and politicians with much similarity to the present movement Occupy Wall Street. 

The policy and strategies that work in the darkness of the spotlight and never show their true faces do not consult the daily horoscope in the newspaper to act. A time of crisis, despair and lack of resources is conducive to leverage new wars, regain lost power. Some people argue the thesis that wars are essential for the evolution of humanity. It’s hard to explain this to those who are torn apart by this call “evolution”.


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