The power of social networks Image affront States and Corporations. New media dethrones the mass culture industry

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We are in the second decade of the 21st century and a new power was born together with the protests of public occupations that take place in the world. The image has never been used and abused by the public as strongly as has been happening in the virtual world of social networks, specifically Facebook. The largest social network created the sharing mechanism and has been the target of the mechanism itself. But the range is higher thanks to a synergy of aspects – the cultural industry is going through a new process that may never think that this industry could suffer. This new process is the use of virtual space for creation and communication of ideas through image, text and audio that has left advertising agencies and media companies unarticulated. This new phase of the culture industry has not been studied because it is in flux, but it certainly will be in the books of researchers from the scientific theories of communication and language very soon.

Analyzing this period of economic crisis with riots, the role of the Internet and sharing their networks, especially Facebook and twitter, you can clearly see that the power of building advertising discourse is no longer a State resource agencies or marketing. Before, companies that specialize exclusively made ​​for this role propagators of ideas and concepts, as they held the instruments for that.

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Suddenly Facebook gave users the virtual media and mechanisms to spread messages. Join this with the billions of handheld cameras on mobile phones more quickly and efficiently and popularized the use of image-editing software and video, has an army of content production of a political and ideological.

Up to 2 or 3 years ago all that was produced content on social networks were home games, passengers content of no importance. Even the traditional television networks used these home videos, amateur animations that quickly reached millions of clicks and visitations. However the times of economic crisis and the Arab rebellion prompted this generation with the technology used to create deeper and ideological content that can cause thoughts and change.

The technology industry and the cultural are targets of creation itself. Gave the user the power to create, produce and share. In fact you have your private information used by these social networks to generate publicity and profits (negative side). However, the user’s viewer and producer all at the same time. This picture is really new in the history of global communication. Governments and corporations are targets of this new model irreversible.

Notice the endless amount of political material being broadcast daily between facebook and twitter. Videos, posters, photographs, drawings, animations, produced by common people. simply people using the photoshops available online. All that stuff does not come with copyright to reproduce, as are born within the perspective of unlimited sharing.

It is the new power that comes just below the national states and corporations. Along this power are non-political organization, virtual newspapers, blogs or any other denomination for that segment. Demonstrations take place in the streets, their occupations, posters, shouting, as in the past, but the placement and mass exposure remains with the new audio-visual producers around the world.

It is not more a function of networks such as CNN, BBC, Reuters and the administration of global communication, to choose what should be reported, nor about what the world needs to know. And the more technology is created and provided more traditional media will lose space. The day will come that these media go bankrupt. Does anyone doubt? Opin.


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