Post modernity on the couch: from Bauman to Schoupenhauer

Price: $13.14

Zygmunt Bauman, a sociologist writer and scholar of the contemporary era is not essential to understand the present – the problem is not the Bauman, a great thinker, but their own society that has no other direction. This lack of direction or future is the epitome of the postmodern period. But it seems that we are in another period, the post post, perhaps the super-modern. This period is full of existential confusion. No one knows if it’s faith or reason the real motivating the existence of each individual. Both are connected to the futility of life. Postmodernism is characteristic of unbelief, and super modern excessive belief in the sacred life and tangible (something like a carpe diem evolved).

Individuals lost between reason and the spiritual, try to save themselves in heaven and on earth. And to complete the ideological mess, has the environment as a new paradigm. The business world has found a profit in the preservation of the ideological environment, because only in the field of ideology preserves something. Suddenly the economy will grow zero percent and all concerned with the crisis, with plummeting purchasing power – how do we might want to save the planet while growing one thousand percent a year, buying and selling wildly.

The super-modern is like a concrete illusion, everyone thinks they are active and really transform the lives and the world. Everyone wants to save himself, but without much effort, guaranteeing the privileges and be free of faith – but in times of distress, that faith save them the reason. The step forward was the distrust of modernity, and now the belief in disbelief where it is so helpful.

Our post-modernity made ​​of paper. In the public sphere, government educational institutions reigns simulation of perfectionism (a simple pretending to teach public school, through public and private universities who pretend to provide knowledge and culture). Are rarely true spaces that produce something of excellence, while the rest just use the makeup.

The result seems that “we do not really exist” – the latest farce is on account of environmentalism forger. Nobody does anything really and we still think is the difference. In this way, Schopenhauer seems to provide the best resolution – although our rationality, there is no rational reason in the human journey, there is no future or construction of ideology, the motivation is only the vanity, the desire and the instinct to exist.

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