Film documentary – Gaza-Strophe

We came to Gaza in the aftermath of the war, and with our friends the Palestinian Human Rights delegates, we discovered the extent of the «Gaza-strophy». The accounts of dozens of witnesses of Israel’s war against Gaza who take us to depth of the Palestinians’ nightmare.

Price: $11.30

ISKRA / L’Yeux ouverts / RFO

un documentary film by
Samir Abdallah & Khéridine Mabrouk

Kahena Atia

abbas bakhtiari

additionals footages
Media Group

Samir Abdallah

Price: $14.71

Living in France from the age of 6 years old, Samir acquired the French nationality. He produces documentary films and reportages since 1983. After having collaborated for 10 years with the IM’Media Agency, specialized in immigration and urban cultures, where he produced and directed a series of reportages for the program “Rencontres” (Encounters) for FR3, he founded the association “L’Yeux ouverts” (Eyes Open) which organizes workshops on film production and programming in the suburbs to develop reflection and practical usage for the public on representations of real and imaginary images. Since 1994, he expresses a critical point of view on the contemporary society, with more than 3,000 partnerships with associations and other groups in France, Europe, the Arab countries and the American continent… A network that he’s just named — CINEMETEQUE, to make known the cinema of “people not wanted” who have entered into resistance…

Khéridine Mabrouk

Price: $32.48

Impassioned by comic strips and movies, he is the author of comic strips and an illustrator for more than 7 years in several magazines. After which he developed politically committed personal projects (Hawaa, a magazine of reflection on the Muslim cultures, Grizlis, engaged communication etc.) and stands out for his style of drawing which draws its sources from the Orient. He is distinguished by his artistic works, profoundly inspired by the Arab influence. He has been the artistic director for several publishing houses, for which he has created numerous series. A graduate of the Gobelins School, he has made several promotional films. A film is being made about the Sufis and the heritors of Emir Abdelkader.


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