Long life to psychoanalysis in the age of mass digital communication

Either Freud or Lacan, people have heard of psychoanalysis as a therapy in which the patient lies on a couch and begins to tell a stranger all his life from childhood until the present moment. From these reports the analyst or therapist does his creative forays is the basis of Freudian and Lacanian – the free association. People have always sought psychoanalysis for some reason, is to understand the personal acts in relation to other individuals or lack of actions, I mean act as an attitude or behavior.


Why do we have to pay a stranger to hear us, if this is exactly what the psychoanalyst / psychologist actually do? Simply because the basis of psychoanalytic therapy is just listen and not to create constraints. In human relationships between family members, spouses or friends there are certain conditions to be communication – is fidelity, loyalty or commitment to the truth. In psychoanalysis there is no such contract communication. The therapist does not require any condition to listen to the individual, is part of free association analyzing the fiction each has its own life.

The mass media is not a recent phenomenon, being part of life in Western society since the nineteenth century, with the peak in the twentieth century when there are large chains of communication. But digitization is recent, and this decade it is real. Is it also has relevance to psychoanalysis in this scenario? Who knows for sure. Individuals scanned blend between reality and fiction, but without great distinction.

Each individual makes a copy of itself in the virtual world, create some fiction in his personal biography and uses this platform to expose their personal drama. But when transposed into this world from the same real-world human relationships become virtual reality itself is no longer a new reality. This reality has become just an extension of the real world, has lost its meaning. This issue begins when the market is harnessed to the virtual world and from it creates professional relationships. The virtual space that was once only the individual, their personal fantasies was dominated by brands and corporations.


We copy the real-life environment for the virtual, as we had done an upload of our daily routines for the computer network. We lost the chance to live a new dimension, parallel to real life, in which we exercise free association that psychoanalysis is used as a therapeutic process.

For the psychoanalyst in fact nothing has changed. Is still required by the people because there is still need to be heard, and due to the mass media, high-capacity informational, psychoanalytic therapy has become more necessary. In a world that the connection is 24 hours and mobile devices dominate the affairs of daily life, interpersonal communication was outdated and the inter-speakers can no longer establish communicative flows between them. The difficulty of transmitters and receivers communicate explicitly to bond the crisis of the transmitter / receiver. Nobody listens to anyone, but everyone speaks or writes, no one understands, as it turns around that standard formula many constraints mentioned above: fidelity, loyalty, the absolute truth and message synthesizing. As said the literature brazilian writer Lygia Fagundes Telles – who is in the process of extinction is the reader – added a complement to her thought, is that the extinction of individuality or subjectivity. So, long live psychoanalysis, is still alive and more necessary.


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  1. I quite agree with your post. I think that there needs to be more thinking given to harnessing social media for thinking and listening together. I look forward to hearing more from you.

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