Countdown to extinction of the Amazon forest.

Let’s admit what is unacceptable – the largest rainforest in the world is heading for extinction. The figures show that, eventually the deforestation is lower, we are trying to give extra time for the forest. Instead of the Amazon end up in mid-2050, perhaps with a bit of competence it will survive until 2060 for example. Anyway why we can not avoid this loss priceless? Human development, which needs food and a vital space may be the answer.


Brazil has much of the amazonian territory in South America, is also the largest deforestation. Only the burning of trees makes Brazil the fourth largest carbon emitter in the world. Not even all the cars in the city of São Paulo with the largest fleet in Latin America is able to pollute as much as the burning of Amazonian trees. While the politicians insist on telling the public that there is an improvement over the continued deforestation, which should really be noted is that the numbers are often manipulated.

When it registers decreases in deforestation, which is known is that the sources of registry are satellite images. But the agencies that inspect and process this data and then disseminate to the media just do not tell the truth – when there is significant decrease of the forest that the images were obscured by clouds, so there could not be quantified as the area deforested. It is elementary, if the area is covered by clouds can not be said that there was no deforestation.

Even with this manipulation Brazil is far from having created a model of anti-logging or advancement of agriculture in areas of native forest and by state law must be preserved. In addition the forest code was recently modified and probably benefited large farmers producing grain exporters. The issue is not to decrease 5% or 7% deforestation, but fighting and reach almost zero destruction. Only then could there be hope. At this rate, we repeat, we are only offering a survival to the dying – in this case Amazon is dying it will still die in this century.

Where are the most preserved areas? Analyzing data, it appears that areas with lower poverty rate has increased preservation and integration with the forest. This means that in areas of poverty is bigger the destruction because the impoverished population is easily co-opted by big loggers connected to the rural sector, logging and mining. They are unscrupulous entrepreneurs who work underground and use violence and corruption to dominate areas that should be preserved by law.

These economical groups advocate developmentalism in the region, joining the regional and even national politics, finance candidates for city councils, state and federal. They use terror to dominate the weaker with death threats to families living in the woods near the river, called “ribeirinhos”, threaten the justice killing from judges to prosecutors to build benches policies in national parliaments. This network provides protection to the interests of those colonels.

The Brazilian state helps with poor oversight. Insufficient resources to the departments that has the task of policing an area equivalent to half of Europe. Corruption also diverts resources to control these areas of great extent. Besides the delay in justice in Brazil penalize defendants in corruption, murder, etc.

The issue of human development and vital space for this coexistence have advanced to the forest. It’s more theoretical, more utopian perhaps, but there will not exist continuous development along with the Amazon. If today’s agriculture has not advanced fully into the forest is because there was no need yet, since the Brazilian territory is large and has enough farmland. However, the demand for food increases, demand for minerals and when necessary to advance into the forest. We can not forget the construction industry that uses wood, despite new technologies, the archaic building still needs to raise the wooden buildings and much of it illegal timber. Finally we have this negative picture, a developmental necessity and there is widespread networking corrosive . The final count as stated in the first paragraph has already started, even if the government does not admit, they do not have to admit.


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