Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?



LONDON – Britain’s top judge says the nation should allow Islamic Sharia law. The head of the Church of England said something similar.

Consequently, police dogs might have to wear booties when they search Muslim homes to avoid offending Muslims who believe dogs are unclean. And Britain’s Home Secretary has decided Islamic terrorism should be re-named “anti-Islamic activity.”



2 thoughts on “Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?

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  1. I am absolutely HORRIFIED. What the hell are people thinking. I do not follow state sponsored religion, I do not want to, I do not want my children to or my grandchildren. How dare they, who the hell do they think they are??? For everyone’s sake WAKE UP PEOPLE, PLEASE…
    Slay people who insult Islam!!! Demise of Britain because of the demise of Christianity!!! IS THIS WHAT WE HAVE BECOME… I am so sad, truly sad, where did all this hate come from??? It came from RELIGION…

  2. I think this is utter,utter madness. Muslims should abide by our way of life and laws. If they don’t want to comply then they should go back to their country of origin. What happens if all other religions want their own laws and rules ??? Why is it just Muslims all the time. There’s no way on this earth that I would ever convert to Islam. Go back home Muslims, you don’t belong here at all.

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