Football, Brazilian Roman circus


Everyone knows that the most popular sport in any corner of the world is football because it is easy to learn the rules and can be played in any space. In the Brazilian tradition has always played in the street, on the floor of red soil, barefoot children learned to dribble and created so pure Brazilian style of football. It was a time when it was just a sport, it was just child’s play to a distraction from adults. The days of marketing and industrialization of the world also changed football in Brazil, and Europe contributed to it. Now the favorite sport is an addiction in the country, cheating and hiding of political tricks, mask the imperfections of the country and the population remains anesthetized.

The football industry is made up of media companies, football clubs, businesses and agencies purchase and sale of sports rights. The World Cup is a big deal of this industry that has the federal government as the country’s main partner in the event and contractors as beneficiaries. This scheme is supported by influential political leaders and define the direction that public money should follow, while the population only applaud and pretends to be a wonderland.

The addiction and fanaticism for football, which kills people in absurd violence, keeps the population within a flock that can not think, act and consequently does not require major changes in the political system. That’s important. The professional politician who makes politics not want to have changes or revolutions that might end their privileges. The power of elected office around depend on the popular vote, it is necessary to keep the people away from matters that should not be revealed. The government then becomes the industry partner that receives the money, invests in the event and must return with the audience and revenue from advertising.

The popular  anesthesia guarantees the survival of an oligarchy, so we can call, media, politicians, businessmen. A kind of nobility camouflaged by the democratic system, which actually only really experienced during the election process. In Brazil the only remnant is the blessed democratic voting machine, and rare symbol of efficiency of the political class, one can say the efficiency of uselessness. We sell electronic voting machines for the world, soccer and soybeans. The crisis of capital has given us the answer, in other worlds is not so different, each nation has its own Roman circus. A sarcastic toast to the gods of football.

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