Bloody Sunday is repeated in Libya with the victory of the rebel alliance.

This seems a subject for fiction film, but the rebel alliance that was founded in the city of Benghazi west of the capital Tripoli in Libya won the security forces of the dictator Qaddafi on Sunday. As the song “Sunday Bloody Sunday” by U2, symbolically handed victory against tyranny and Arab spring ends another historical chapter in the year 2011.

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What makes something special of this rebellion is the journey of months, untrained men withstood air strikes and use of mercenaries paid to kill underground. The vision of the West is a fearless people with a force that moved through the deserts and oil fields improvising tactics of war and the trenches. In fact NATO has helped with the bombers to unbalance the forces of dictator. Destroyed his fleet of planes that attacked the people of the west in mid-February, the rebels were now on the ground battle against tanks and an army loyal to Colonel Qaddafi.

The official narrators of revolt, the young Libyans abroad and even in Libya on twitter and Facebook have written day by day adventures of this journey. For the first time in history a war was accompanied every day, thousands of other writers shared this web guerrillas. This is unprecedented, and ends on Sunday. The Arab force that centuries ago used to expand their beliefs and cultures of other territories, was shown by the Libyan people and their alliance around the goal of freedom. These people used to wars need patience to rebuild the country, without falling prey to new dictators, whether religious extremists or military.


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