Riots in London and the problem of social life, portraits of a new century.

The riots of London could increase xenophobia and prejudice in England. Unlike the Arab world that the riots have spread nuclei of civil society, especially in Egypt, criminality in London has used political pretext to create social unrest, looting and destruction. The reason for possible social rebellions of English working classes may be related to the lack of economic perspectives, and does not justify destructive acts that threaten the lives of others. The question is who are the true Protestant in London.

These classes of London suburbs are formed in part by immigrants and their descendants. Maybe the trigger for this comes from a decline of the British police, which is not updated over the years and lost its prestige. The UK position in the fight against terrorism and shifting much investment to British troops in Afghanistan led to a decline in the Scotland Yard. The death of Brazilian Charles de Menezes was mistaken as a terrorist being shot in the back denotes the bias implicit in English institutions. The effect of the riots this week differ from the “Arab spring”, making the people of London to unite against an enemy within. Residents are using social networks to mobilize the population and protect trade, property, public and community life. Events like this promote prejudice, because this union is not in the periphery, but the layers of the middle class, precisely this class that feels more threatened by the economic crisis and foreign threat.

Europeans are not more tolerant to immigrants as in the past in times of a Europe rich and lush. The same middle-class European citizens who were previously denied to do the heavy lifting and manual labor and imported foreign workers instead to perform this function is no longer considered inferior has not many choices. The economic issue has changed the parameters and the nationalist right appropriates this trick to win the parliaments. A phenomenon that can be repeated in the U.S., as happened in Japan. Dealing with foreigner in times of crisis and wealth is also to be civilized, and the contemporary world is not understanding. On the planet almost 7 billion share an increasingly smaller territory, the ability of living will be tested each day. And the century just begun.




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