Football, corruption and impunity. The farce of World Cup in Brazil.

Attention to the headlines of news portals, newspapers, phones, tablets, etc. in 2014 in mid-August, September, October – “Committee of the World 2014 is investigated,” “press the CPI asks Congress to investigate allegations of embezzlement” “Works Cup overpriced”, “Ricardo Teixeira is investigated in Brazil and abroad.” Does anyone doubt these premonitions? Since 2006, Brazil is in the queue to receive the World Cup. After South Africa was chosen for 2010, Brazil won the preference for 2014. Behind the scenes were already saying that everything was negotiated long before that after Africa, the cup landed in South America. The agreements reached in the dark rooms of meetings between the leaders of the FIFA international football body, and the commander of the maximum CBF never were revealed. A kind of sacred secrets yet to be unmasked.

In 2007, officially chosen to host the Cup, the chief Ricardo Teixeira said several times on TV that the entire investment would be private business partnerships that would fund the construction of stadiums, airports and urban trains. None of this really happened, and nothing was really planned the way that Mr. Teixeira said that same year. No major company to venture into big business. It fell to the BNDES, state and local governments money.

The media had a suspicion, Teixeira was never accepted, his reputation in Brazil is the worst possible. His image is corruption, influence peddling, dishonesty, collusion and cheating. His professional life is unknown. is known that he came to own the brand name “Brazil” and made the football team his product, which has enriched their own property. A legitimate dictator has ruled the number one sport in the country without fear of justice. This man shows the middle finger to the country, football clubs, politicians and media applaud. Justice is considered by the nation itself as something non-existent or far away.

The people are aware that justice in Brazil is null, or only applies to those with financial resources. It is known that the rich and powerful people are not punished and that the poor usually suffer the penalties because they can not afford lawyers and have access to the benefits of the law. The eternal delay in trying cases demoralizes the judicial system, causing disbelief and putting a popular course of action in Brazilian courts. Polls show the public that the population does not believe the response of the judiciary. In Brazil often watch on TV defendants in murder, corruption, organized crime cases in responding freedom. It is a message of impunity. When it comes to political corruption and corporate almost nothing effective is done to punish the corrupt or serve as an example for future mischief fear the force of law. The law itself provides specific policy benefits for legislators, governors, mayors. The process takes decades and sometimes prescribe crimes.

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Impunity is public and cultural in the country of football. The question left Brazil after being chosen as host country of the world is simple – why Brazil has worked so hard to bring the cup if it has structural problems at airports, transport and urban violence? The answer to that one word – pride. The political class and football are extremely vain The World cup will not solve social problems in Brazil, that was the lie became truth. The vanity is to show a renewed Brazil  to the world – politicians, business leaders and the mainstream media will be parading the catwalks international exercising self-esteem. The cup is a private party of magnates and politicians to pursue their vain desires of superfluous personal well-being.

Brazil is still a complex society and the population has accepted this position. The great mass takes the bread and circus Brazil, our coliseums were prepared and our capacity for outrage is anesthetized. Football stadiums are being built in places useless, rather than universities, schools, research centers, our level of development are football arenas. The policy portion, formed by a stubble of aristocracies bankrupt the country, individuals without technical expertise, without study or group of intellectuals and leaders of football, the sport dictators are ruling the country, as if Brazil were a yard and subordinate people. And the mainstream media has become the major partner of the party. Few will win a lot and most continue as usual, puppets.


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