Would anyone can wake up to the U.S. Industry?

The international media debate the political problem of the United States, but since the end of the Bush administration the federal government injected billions of dollars in U.S. industries. Nothing was said about what was the fate of that money. The U.S. industry has not invested the money in production and job creation. Neither invested in new infrastructure facilities. Instead, they bought U.S. government bonds or invest in other countries. When they did some internal financial growth, it was the opposite that the government planned – much more automated industrial park, something that does not contribute to reduce unemployment.

The ineffectiveness of the U.S. government to regulate these companies may be the main reason of the crisis. The Obama failed this fundamental point. Lacked leadership that the Obama administration, and getting a new election the American people have many doubts about the future. Insufficient real options on the Republican side, an election fight with fanatics Tea Party, cause much sensationalism in the media and the few ideas that are productive for the country.

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The U.S. industry still seems to be too contaminated for professionals seeking easy and quick profits and not development. That’s not how America became the world’s greatest power in the last century, this new approach will hamper the business end of the crisis. Before thinking about the politics, the U.S. needs to review this ambitious business behavior that is destroying the historical culture developmental of the United States.


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