Chinese actress Bai Ling (From LOST) joins the global campaign against sport hunting.

Bai Ling movie and TV actress who made ​​an appearance on the show Lost, as well as films such as Chinese dumplings, is supporting the overall cause against the hunting expeditions. In the picture Bai Ling was characterized as an “onça”  (name as the cat gets in Brazil) a type of jaguar the rain forests of Brazil, the largest feline in the Americas.

The choice of this animal to compose the poster is special because it has been the subject of hunting sports sponsored by the tourism industry, and farmers sell international packages for people to hunt wild animals in the forest. The price for killing a jaguar or a bear in North America is around 40 thousand euros or dollars. Recently in Brazil arrested a woman who was promoting these hunts, a farmer in the past has participated in environmental groups. Unfortunately impunity in Brazil will be established. The farmer can get rid paying bail, even for environmental crime will be prosecuted due to the fact that it was not caught in the act.

To learn more about the cause against sport hunting, go through facebook, and search for “Stop Hunting expeditions”. Soon a special session this global cause will be created this blog.


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