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Check the last posts – USA and EUROPE – Century 21: USA disunited. The American economic crisis, Western fanaticals, the outraged and China in the waiting room.

A power in the West is threatened by spending on wars and weapons, by social security and the invasion of international trade for a China that went from zero to less than 30 years and had its industrial revolution. The U.S. still did not fit in this picture, and worse, out here, which we understand is that America is divided.”

“For the first time the great power has no external enemies that threaten U.S. power, but has an enemy inside the country, political disunity, who leaves China to grow without major competitors, even though China is the most harmed by being the largest external debt owed ​​to Washington.”

“The threat of foreigner scares the EU has maintained the right extremist parties active in European politics. From France to Finland, the old Europe that Samuel Beckett has satirized in his brilliant theater plays do not know how to deal with this threat. “

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