Why can not dictators leave power?

This week the president of Yemen appeared on TV, direct from Saudi Arabia, reportedly with burn marks on the face and body, with arms bound, confirming his return soon to the position he has held for 30 years – President of Yemen.

Why a person in this condition, with almost an entire country asking for his head, being attacked and having his body burned alive, do not let the power, what the fascination that dictators have in relation to power?

This is so old, is confused with the birth of civilization organized into kingdoms and empires, which in certain regions of the world persist in keeping alive, in the case of the Middle East, even with popular uprisings as the Arab spring, this desire to keep the center as demigods is stronger than any democratic consciousness.

There are many examples to illustrate this situation. Muammar Gaddafi is perhaps the most lost between those ancient times in Babylon and our century. From their dress, their rhetoric, and everyday life that has built around himself, making his name a dynasty, preparing children and grandchildren to continue after his death, just as did the ancient pharaohs of Egypt.

They ignore rebellions, protests, not intimidated about human rights, international organizations, do not fear the courts, if necessary they put their armies with tanks to attack and kill rebels and civilians. More than politics, these dictators want to be legends, have their names as icons of a dynasty.

They do not really know what century we are – unaware of universal rights, laws, and believe themselves above the normal human beings. And always believe what speeches. It is an absurd theater, complete with orgies behind the scenes, worthy of a screenplay by Jean Genet (French playwright), I thought – these dictators sometimes they call to each other. And everyone gathers for a restricted party, women of all colors and types, food and much wine. A feast to make the gods envious.


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