Lilja 4 Ever. Lilya was a girl who believed in dreams, who liked to draw and play dolls, like any girl, whether it’s in Moscow, Tokyo or New York City.

It all starts at the end, when the dreams have turned into nothing, the eyes have cried all the tears, and no hope survives. A spectacular film about the cruel fate of children and adolescents who are lost in drugs and prostitution in the world.

“Life sucks” – that is the two main characters say. Lilya is a girl somewhere in the former gray. Soviet Union, a dead place, no future, such a nuclear accident, the people apathetic and ash, living a disappointment, hostile to each other. She, as teenage, it´s between the rebellion lies and the natural childish. Despised by her mother who flees the country with her boyfriend to live in the United States, Lilya has a younger friend, a child, his companion of loneliness and melancholy, she cares and is cared for – children caring for children.

The old world, the former Soviet empire, the nationalists, nobles, the first world, no matter, what prevails is the human existence that wanton feelings. If you have not understood the script, please note: is about lies, human trafficking, child prostitution, shattered lives. Do you recognize this in your country, ask – we all recognize.


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