Greeks, Gauls, Britons and Aryans. The union of unequal.

The crisis in southern Europe with Greece having the worst perspective to unite that which is not equal is quite complicated. The economic meltdown of the European Union was full of humanistic ideals in a long process that seemed like a beautiful dream and became reality symbolized by the euro, but after a few years of calm the real Europe showed the true face.

This new face highlights the old nationalism that led the continent for two major wars and now takes up the power not by way of obscure political however by democratic vote. It is the european people that has brought to power nationalist with isolationists motivations.


They are still trying to save something poetical from the European Union that was built with treated and meetings, then the single currency and membership of countries in weak economies like Greece, in order to make a picture in a theater. The gods of Olympus must not be satisfied with the obligations that the old Land of Zeus will have to comply to continue being a member of the rich club.

Will the fiscal austerity, with tax increases and cuts in investment will come to Olympus? Does HERA, ZEUS, APOLLO will cut privileges in the divine mansions?

It is a tip for Greece, also Spain and Portugal, learn from their former colonies – such as Latin America did, renegotiated its priceless debt with international banks to save national industries and grow the economic pie and keep the payment to creditors.

And the French and German banks who own much of the debt that unequal Europe, they accept less profit or in other words divide into equal parts the debt in Europe, a moral debt, financial and utopian.


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